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Franklin C. Johns passed away on February 8, 2008.

He was a BJWS graduate and a member of CTT #5. Franklin and his Team were attached to the 1st Infantry Division in 1967-68.

He is missed by his family and fellow Trackers.


Ah 13.jpg (19308 bytes) Alfred W. Haynes Jr. passed away on December 27, 2010.

Always the Lab lover, Al and Boo are shown in a recent photo to the left.

When in Vietnam Al handled Blackie T004. They served with CTT #13 attached to the 1st Infantry Division in 1967-68.

Blackie and Al are now united again.

R.I.P. You are not forgotten.

Steward 9.JPG (63913 bytes) Timothy G. Gress died in 1994. He was a member of CTT #5 and a graduate of British Jungle Warfare School. We salute Tim for his service.
From Chuck Steward: "When we met again in 1979 after some 10 years, it was just like we saw each other yesterday. Your family made me feel at home the entire weekend, I only wish we could have been able to meet again before your passing. You and Joey were my first dog team and I am truly grateful that you and Joey always kept us from getting into serious shit. Rest assured, we will meet again in the after life, I only hope they serve rum and coke there, that was our drink of choice that weekend. R.I.P. buddy"
Robert Sepulveda passed away in 2008. He served with the 61st IPCT in 1968-69. We thank him for his service. R.I.P.
Jerry W. Scott died in September 1994.
He served on CTT #13 attached to the 1st Infantry Division in 1967-68. R.I.P.

"Jerry Scott was one of those �unflappable� guys.  We trained in BJWS together on the same CTT team #13.  Scottie was a big person, probably 200 lbs when we started and, like the rest of us, was down 50 lbs when we finally arrived in Vietnam. His family was still in Germany at that point and there was trouble with his wife getting monthly paychecks � but we finally got that straightened out through payroll and the Red Cross.  But for a man his size, I knew of no one who could move as quietly through the jungle as he could.  And many times we would end up in the enemy�s lap before we were ready to be.  �Scottie� would just stand there with a big smile and you could read his mind � �Gotcha!!�He is sorely missed by his team � we loved him." Donald R Hendricks, CPT USAR ret (former CO of CTT13 & 61st IPCT)


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