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gbattles.JPG (25284 bytes) GEORGE D. BATTLES was a graduate of BJWS. He served with CTT#13 attached to the 1st Infantry Division in 1967-68. His Team CO was Lt Donald Hendricks. After his tour of duty George and Lt Hendricks returned to CONUS. George and other Team members were assigned to the Combat Tracker School at Ft Gordon, GA. Lt. Hendricks was assigned to the Rangers at Ft Benning, GA. In 1968 Lt Hendricks was informed that George had been tragically killed in an automobile accident.
Hendricks says of George: "He never gave less than his maximum effort, 100% American! He was an excellent (gifted) visual tracker. He was a quiet, religious man whom we all loved, respected and admired."
This image came from Donald Hendricks and is dedicated to George's memory and to his family. He will forever be a Tracker.
Copy of Neil Couch#1.jpg (32849 bytes)

NEIL COUCH passed away on January 6, 2002. He had chosen to make the Army his life.  He was a Korean War veteran and served three tours in Viet Nam. He was an Airborne Ranger. He was a graduate of British Jungle Warfare School, a Visual Tracker and a Team Leader.  He served with CTT#8 and later with the 77th IDCT. He was an instructor at the Fort Gordon Tracker School. His credentials were many. But above all he was what makes the Army run, the Senior Non Commissioned Officer. He never asked his men to do something he wouldn't do himself. He never forgot his troops. He was a SOLDIER'S SOLDIER, a TRACKER'S TRACKER.

He will never be forgotten by those that knew and served with him. His memory will forever be with us.

Our condolences to his family.

Copy of 63rd - 6.JPG (42935 bytes)

Walter "Mac" Magee was born September 16, 1947 and died September 1, 1993 in Bogalusa, LA. He is pictured to the left visiting with the locals. "Mac" was a member of the 63rd IPCT attached to the Americal in '68-'69. Gary Souter, a fellow Team member says, "He was a good friend and an excellent Tracker".

This photo came from Gary and is dedicated to Mac's memory.

Ray Williams served with the 63rd IPCT when he was severely wounded.  He fought back all the way and went on to live a great life.  Many of us got to meet him and have a great time with him at the 2000 Reunion in New Orleans.  He had a heart attack on February 20, 2007, and did not survive it - but his great spirit does!  This photo shows him this January at his hunting camp.  He didn't hunt for trophy - he cleaned and used his deer - and shared with friends.  That's our Ray! May God bless and keep him always.
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